Do you know what the 10 top colours for Spring 2017 are? Did you even know there were 10 top colours for Spring 2017?

The Pantone Colour Institute is the world-renowned authority on colour, and regularly releases colour reports that influence trends in all areas of design from architecture and interior design, to fashion and food. For their ‘Top 10 Colours for Spring 2017’, Pantone has selected colours that are bright and vivid, and surround us in nature. While the Spring report inspires trends for the fashion season, there is no reason why the colours can’t feature inside the home as well.

Among the top 10 for this year, there are 3 distinct shades of pink – Pale Dogwood, Hazelnut and Pink Yarrow.

Considered a quiet and peaceful shade of pink, Pale Dogwood is a great colour choice for those who like pink but don’t want it to dominate a space. Hazelnut is the neutral for Spring, reminiscent of nature and the earth, it is the colour connection all of the seasons this year. The final shade of pink is Pink Yarrow; bold, attention getting and tropical in vibrancy this is a colour that makes a statement! 

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