Now that we’re in the colder months of the year, our window dressings are spending a lot more time closed, helping to reduce heat loss and keep our homes warm and cosy. While closed, our dressings are getting to show off their full potential, not only as an insulator but as a stylish feature in our homes. So how are yours looking?

Maybe a bit outdated, or overdue for an update? Never fear – here are a few of our favourite design trends this year that are perfect inspiration for a window dressing makeover:

1. Monochrome

There’s just something about monochrome homes. Simple, elegant and yet modern. Monochrome design showcases different tones of a single colour and is a great way to declutter or simplify your home. If you want to apply this into a room in your home, when choosing your window dressings take inspiration from furniture and styling pieces already in the room and pick from the same colour scheme.

2. Statement pieces

Let’s be honest, winter isn’t the cheeriest of seasons. It can be miserable, icy, dark, and can inspire a sombre mood. If you’d like to introduce an element of brightness or vibrancy in your home, why not choose a big, bright colour or pattern for your dressings.

3. Natural colours, textures and patterns

Nature is often a muse for interior designs. Using natural colours, shapes and patterns as inspiration for styling and decorating is growing trend, particularly floral designs and natural tones. Introducing these natural undertones will not only put your home ‘on-trend’ but will help you to create a relaxed and comfortable atmosphere throughout your home.

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