Very often you are faced with a design challenge in the form of long and narrow windows in those areas where the eye is naturally drawn – a focal point at the end of hallway; a landing on a staircase; or even right at the front door.

The journey into your home starts at the front door and as any real estate agent will attest to, first impressions are very important. Many modern entrances use small windows alongside the front door to provide natural light in the entrance hall. This can create a privacy problem, especially if it’s also connected to your living room.

While there are a range of decorative window films that you could use to solve the privacy issue, a great alternative is to use blinds that add a splash of colour or make a statement.

If you think of each area of your house as a destination – yes even the hallways, then doing small things like adding a splash of colour through your window treatments; an ornament; or a piece of artwork; can elevate it from simply being a thoroughfare to a destination. 

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