We all know that first impressions are everything, and this applies to your house too.  Yet, when it comes to design the entrance hall is often an afterthought. It can be a busy everyday intersection of places to dump school bags, muddy shoes and the dog lead. 

In reality however, the entrance hall suggests what lies beyond and helps set the mood for the entire house. So consider the entrance hall a dumping ground no more – let’s see it as another place for thoughtful design and personal touches. After all the entrance hall is the portal between your humble abode and the bustling outside world, so why not make it look exceptional. 

Let’s talk colours
The overall theme and mood depicted by a house usually comes down to colours. In terms of your entrance hall there is unlimited potential for what mood you can portray. One option is to be completely unique and stand out from the neighbours by incorporating a bright or contrasting colour. For example, a popular trend is for cream and ivory houses to incorporate elements of red throughout the interior. Ever noticed that you can now get kettles, toasters and even waffle makers in outlandishly bright colours? This is to accommodate this popular trend. This trend aims to incorporate aspects of retro colours and design without the commitment of designing your entire house with a mission brown and lime green colour scheme. Our Cosiflor® blinds are made with the finest European fabrics and are available in a large range of colours and designs.

Glow and patterns
On the other hand, you can always play it safe and match your entrance hall blinds to the overall colour palette of the rest of your house creating a sense of class, uniformity and order. Rich golden, ivory and country grey colours are always seen as timeless and sophisticated colour schemes.

Beyond design let’s talk practicality
Firstly, privacy. If you have a sizeable window you’ll want both privacy and light control. Privacy is important because you don’t want any nosy neighbours or uninvited guests to be tempted by being able to peer into front of your house. Remember that having privacy is one of the personal pleasures of your home and allows you to unwind and relax properly.  Blinds are a great way of creating this internal oasis. For example, Duoflor® double roller blinds allow you to easily and flexibly control both privacy and view. The ‘Duoflor effect’ is created by alternating transparent and densely-woven strips on both layers of the blind. You can control just how much light you let in as well as how much of your interior is visible from the outside simply by adjusting the strips to alternate or coincide with each other.

Finally let’s reflect on practicality
As we all know entrance halls can be incredibly busy. Whether you’re running out the door, hustling to make the house look presentable or packing up before leaving for a big trip, the ability to quickly and easily close your blinds is one less hassle to deal with. You might also need to think about kids and animals. Blind cords can be a hazard for both children and animals so aim to avoid blinds with long dangling cords.  The innovative design of Cosiflor® pleated blinds make for a safe, child-friendly blind, with no loose cords.

Nordic blinds provide a range of styles, colours and textures to create the entrance that truly reflects the mood of your home.  Quality, practicality and design are hallmarks of Nordic Blind products. If you want to start the journey to creating a stunning entrance hall reach out to Nordic Blinds today for a free measure and quote.

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