In the ever-changing world of home and interior design, it can be hard to “stay relevant” or keep your home looking fashion forward. When it comes to updating a home, it can be a bit confusing to know what will suit your home while also hitting the latest trends.

If you’re planning a refresh and want to do it the (fashionably) right way, here are a few key looks or accents to consider:

  1. Throw some colour around

Warm, earthy colours have taken charge this year, replacing the more minimal or toned down colour palettes. Tan, terracotta, and rusty shades are the leading choices for bold, statement colour, while emerald green and bright, watermelon red are the choice accent colours.

  1. Get dark in the kitchen

When it comes to kitchens, black is the new white. Surprising, I know, but black offers a contemporary and sophisticated look. Whether as the colour of metal features, painted wood and cabinet doors, or in furnishings such as stools and window dressings, black has become the colour of choice for modern kitchens.

  1. Embrace different textures and patterns

Wallpaper has found its way back into our living spaces and according to the experts is here to stay – particularly textured and geometric patterned wallpaper. But if you’re put off by the thought of a whole patterned wall, you might like to update your window dressings instead.

For those after a softer look, organic patterns such as soft watercolours or paint splotches are the way to go, but if you want something different, dashes and stripes make a bold statement.

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