Reinvention – where old becomes new again. The reinvention design trend, similar to minimalism, is largely influenced by the effects of urbanisation; the growing rate of waste generation and the need to minimise consumption. This has inspired homeowners to spend their money better and focus on small, impactful improvements that make the most of their existing home.

Don’t get me wrong, reinvention doesn’t have to be plain, or dull, or boring. It’s about taking the traditional and innovating to make it suit a more modern design. Think of it as taking the old and making it new through the use of colour and texture and revitalising a space with new feelings of comfort and style.

The cyclical nature of design means trends go in and out of fashion in the blink of an eye. The best thing about reinvention is when you want to give something old a new look and feel; you can do it any time of year, no matter what’s on trend. This is because reinvention is often seasonally inspired; using the colours and patterns of nature and its elements, in conjunction with a variety of textures to elevate something into the new. So when is reinvention an option for your home?

Your home is in need of a serious revamp; or an internal makeover is long overdue; or perhaps you’ve just committed to your first home and it needs a bit of love and attention, but the idea of taking on a big renovation project is too overwhelming. Does this sound familiar?

From updating your lighting, to re-doing the floors, or simply adding a splash of colour, there are many, budget-friendly design tricks that can help make your home feel new, fresh and exciting again.

You’ll be amazed at what a little light can do

Lighting can change the mood of a room instantly; capable of transforming feelings of cold and harsh into a cosy, romantic space with one switch. Some really simple ways of incorporating light into a room are through directional lighting that highlights specific areas such as the lounge or sitting area, a dining table, or wall painting. Floor or wall lamps are also a great way to create a more inviting atmosphere.

Letting more natural light in is another simple way to open up a room, making it feel airy and spacious without breaking the budget. You might like to consider skylights; they are a fantastic way of creating the illusion of more space while also taking full advantage of the natural light.

Also think about whether you are getting the most out of your window dressings and if they affect the amount of natural light your windows let in. The flexible design of Cosiflor® blinds gives you control over transparency through your choice of colour and fabric, while also allowing you to open them top to bottom or bottom to top and choose the amount of natural light that comes into the room.

Lift those floors

Updating your flooring can have a significant impact on the feel of your home. Going from old, worn out carpet to shiny new timber floors can give your home the facelift it needs. Just make sure you choose the right options for your home.

Floating timber floors last a long time and, in the event that they get damaged, they are generally easily replaced. Tiles on the other hand are quite affordable, readily available and easy to get laid, but can chip. And if it’s a luxurious, comforting feel that you’re after especially in bedrooms; you can’t go passed carpet.

Accessorise, accessorise, accessorise

Never underestimate the impact of carefully chosen accessories. If you have no interest in taking on a major reinvention project, or if you’re on a limited budget, some simple styling of a soft throw, a statement piece of art, and bright rugs are perfect. If you’re after a vintage look or something “shabby chic”, handmade markets and second hand stores can be a great place to find accessories that will suit your style.

Have some fun with colour

It’s “Renovation101” – if you want a quick way to update your home, nothing beats a fresh coat of paint! In terms of curb appeal, painting the outside of your house can do miracles. Same goes for the inside; the walls are always a clear indicator of wear and tear so giving the walls a once over, whether in the same colour or something new, can make a big difference.

If you’re considering a new colour palette, make sure you take the time to consider the feel and mood of the room, and assess which colours will complement existing features of the room as well as the rest of your home.

You might also consider creating a feature wall by painting one wall a contrasting colour to the rest, or wallpapering it with a bold pattern or texture and leaving the adjoining walls in a neutral shade.

If you’re not sure where to start with your home reinvention, contact a member of our team today and find out more about the impact of updated window dressings.

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