Windows are structural and practical, but also add interesting features to a house. They provide light, warmth and access to fresh air, connecting you to the outside world and spectacular views to the environment beyond.

But then, from an energy efficiency perspective, they can be the weak link in the building structure; where heat is lost during the winter and where heat intrudes during the summer. Choosing the right window dressings can improve a window’s performance, make your home more comfortable and reduce energy costs. They can ensure sufficient light control, privacy, reduced glare, heat reduction and heat retention.

When choosing window dressings for a particular window, it’s important to consider the main purpose it will serve. If privacy control is your primary aim, our Cosiflor® blinds allow you control over the level of transparency in your window dressings through your choice of colour and fabric. Their flexibility also allows you to open them top to bottom or bottom to top, letting you choose the amount of natural light that comes through and views to the outside.

For thermal benefits, the Cosiflor® Honeycomb thermal blind is a twin-layered blind that can help insulate your home against harsh seasonal elements. The cellular construction of the blind creates air pockets which function superbly to help keep your home cool in the summer and reduce heat loss in the winter.

When it comes to your choice of material for your dressings, the options are almost endless. It’s worthwhile choosing a fabric that will serve your needs long term, both practical and aesthetic. You want to choose something that will still be in style, while also keeping its quality and durability after a few years.

Matching your window dressings to the style and functionality of your window or door is just as important as how they look and function. Inward-opening windows such as tilt-and-turn windows need special consideration. A pull-down blind for example would get in the way of the window or door opening. The flexibility of our Cosiflor® blinds allows for easy mounting and installing on glass, or on the window frame in the glass bead recess for a snug fit. This type of window dressing allows for ventilation with the window opened into a tilted position, while also allowing for shade and privacy.

Available in a variety of sizes, colours and fabrics, you can tailor window dressings to fit the décor of any home. If you’d like to find out more about Cosiflor® blinds and their suitability for your windows, contact us today.

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