There’s no doubt about it – in interior design, black makes a bold statement. When styling a home, using black can give a room a rich and structured feel, and is sure to stand out. It also has the power to make a room feel expansive and vast if used correctly. A perfect way to introduce a touch of black to your home is through your window dressings.

For subtle black tones, a more transparent fabric choice will add colour, while still allowing natural light into the room. Made with the finest European fabrics, Cosiflor® blinds are available in a large range of colours and designs. Through your choice of fabric, you can control the amount of light that enters a room and the level of transparency and privacy your dressings will provide. While black is a bold colour, it is possible to use it in a soft way.

To achieve the opposite look, patterned black shades can also act as a statement piece. In a space which is predominantly neutral in colour and texture, a splash of black won’t feel overwhelming but rather contrast the rest of the room and be a stylish feature.

Feeling inspired to make a statement with black in your home? Contact us today to explore your style ideas.

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