cosiflor® Pleated fabrics

Pleated blinds are made from a single layer polyester fabric with strings running visibly through the fabric.


There is a vast selection of fabrics – over 400 – in a large range of colours, patterns and textures. Pleated fabric ranges from sheer through different levels of translucency to full blockout, with some having a pearl coating on the back or being flame retardent.

Fabric ratings

Cosiflor® pleated fabrics have ratings to indicate the percentage of light that is reflected by the blind (R), absorbed by the blind (A) or transmitted through the blind (T).

The ratings vary widely from fabric to fabric. They can be helpful when choosing blinds for specific purposes.  For example, in an office there may be a requirement to reduce the glare from a window onto a computer screen, or darkening a room without completely blocking the light.

The rating of a blockout blind will always be 0.


The pleated fabric is self-cleaning.  The concertina action of a pleated blind repels dust, so every time you use your pleated blind it helps to stay clean.

Most of the pleated fabrics can be wiped with a damp cloth and/or washed in a bathtop in water up to 30degrees with a mild detergent.

See the care instructions for more detail. 

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