Cosiflor® blinds have been designed to suit a range of special shaped windows. In some cases, there will be a choice of a cordless top down bottom up blind installed with tension feet and wires or a free-hanging blind installed on a fixed upper rail and operated by a cord.  In other cases, the shape of the window lends itself to only one solution. The special shaped blinds cannot be motorised.

VS 4 Slope / VS 4 Slope S

The VS 4 Slope is a cordless, handle operated blind.  This blind is fixed at the top of the sloped angle.  The bottom rectangular part of the blind can be opened.

The VS 4 Slope S is a cordless, handle operated blind.  This blind is fixed at the top of the sloped angle.  The whole blind fully retracts to the sloped rail.

F Slope 2

The F Slope 2 blind is a free-hanging blind. It is fixed at the top to the sloped angle of the window and operated with two cords.  One cord operates the bottom rail of the blind up to the middle rail, the other cord fully retracts the blind to the sloped rail at the top.

A variety of shapes

The Cosiflor® cordless blinds come in a vast variety of shapes. Displayed here is a mixture of shapes along with a couple of rectangular (VS2) blinds. These blinds are all pleated fabric which means the string is visible through the fabric. The fabric could also be honeycomb and have the string concealed within the fabric. Due to the slimline nature of the Cosiflor® blind, these blinds are fitted neatly into each window opening.  These shaped blinds are all held by tensioned strings and are operated by a handle. 


VS 5 / VS 5 SD

The VS 5 blind is a cordless, handle operated blind. The lower rail is fixed and the blind can be fully opened from the top to the bottom.  Being a tensioned blind, there are no loose cords or chains.

The VS 5 SD blind is similar to the VS 5 blind but with all three rails being movable, there are more size restrictions with this blind. 

 The slope on the VS 5 and VS 5 SD blind can be on either side and can be either operated by the handle or an operating rod can be used. 

VS 8

The VS 8 blind is a cordless, handle operated blind. The blind can be fully opened to the bottom rail which is fixed in the window.  The VS 8 comes with a side rail which is fitted to the sloped part of the window.  The head rail is fixed and has a minimum width of 7cm.

FD Slope 3

The FD Slope 3 blind is a free-hanging, cord operated triangular blind.  The blind can be fully retracted to the sloped rail. The cord operation will always be on the high side. 

Below the FD Slope 3 blind are two VS 2 blinds as well as a VS 2 Slide Comfort blind (in the middle).

Combination blinds

The cord operated F Slope 3 blind and an upside down cordless, handle operated VS 4 Slope blind shown here with roof top PL 11 blinds as well as free-hanging, cord operated F1 blinds. A mixture of blind mechanisms to cover a large variety of different shaped windows.  Blockout fabrics along the roof to block heat and light from the direct sun and translucent fabrics along the sides to allow light into the staircase.  The blinds have made a vast difference in this home.  The staircase is now a lot cooler in summer without the summer sun beaming in and equally stays warmer in winter even when the outside temperatures drop.

Nordic Blinds