Skylights are more than just an architectural brag, there are also a variety of benefits that come with a skylight, everything from saving you money to keeping you healthy.

Firstly, skylights cut down on your carbon emissions; this is due to skylights being a natural light alternative in comparison to expensive electric lighting. Utilising natural daylight via a skylight not only reduces your electricity bills but will also have a positive effect on the environment as it utilises a sustainable energy resource. 

Another often forgotten benefit of skylights is mould reduction. Mould loves to grow in dark indoor spaces. The natural light and ventilation that skylights produce will greatly reduce the risk of mould developing.

And finally, from a design standpoint, skylights are a great way to add natural light to a room without sacrificing privacy or space, while also adding unique and impressive design value to the home.  

So with all of the benefits that skylights create why aren’t they being utilised more often?

One of the big turn offs of installing a skylight is trying to find a blind to fit them.

Due to the amount of light that skylights let in there may be some scorching summer days when your skylight might be too bright. This is when having a fitted blind is essential.

Creating blinds for skylights is no problem for Nordic Blinds as their German-manufactured Cosiflor® blinds can be customised to fit any size window. No matter the shape or size of your skylights – angled or conservatory ceiling windows – Cosiflor® blinds have a shade solution for your home. The Honeycomb thermal blind is a twin-layered blind which can insulate your home against harsh seasonal elements and are perfect for ceiling windows.

With more than 400 fabrics and 250 colours to choose from Nordic Blinds can create a blind with the perfect dimension, colour and fabric for your skylight that will fit flawlessly with the interior design of any home.

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