Every season has its signature colours. When we think of summer; bright, bold colours such as yellow, pink and green often come to mind. Autumn’s colour palette often takes its inspiration from the changes in nature; the transitional warm, earthy colours carry us from the hot, harsh season into cooler temperatures.

If you’re looking for some inspiration to give your home a new feel, while the change in season brings a chill to the air, your interiors can be warmed up with the colours of autumn in a few simple ways:

  • Be bold and colourful! – Think bold colours reminiscent of changing leaves, berries and wood accents. While transitioning from the brightness of summer, nature goes through a change of burgundy and plum, to rust and burnt orange. Why not give your home a burst of colour by introducing a colour that inspires warmth while also making a bold statement.
  • Subtle and effortless – You can always rely on the classics. Subtle, simple colours like earthy brown, golden yellow and creamy beige. Subtle doesn’t mean boring; in fact using subtle colours in a room can highlight seasonal changes and help showcase the outdoors, indoors.
  • All year round’ colours – Autumn is all about what is natural. It’s a big part of the reason why if you ask someone their favourite time of year, they’ll say autumn. We love being surrounded by feelings of nature. Now if you’re not crazy about the idea of bold or warm colours, you can go for something more neutral instead; while often considered cool in feeling, grey tones are a perfect ode to nature, bringing warmth to your home and are also the perfect choice if you’re after an all year round look.

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