It’s still a little dark and miserable outside, but don’t worry, spring is nearly here and there is a splash of colour on its way! It’s the perfect inspiration, and time of year to update your home.

Here are a few design trends that we are looking forward to this spring:

Sugary & Sweet – A trend that emerged earlier this year are ice cream colours. These sweet, soft, pastel shades can look great on a single wall or multiple for those feeling brave. But if you don’t want to commit to a whole wall, but want to experiment with these shades, why not introduce them in the form of a window dressing.

DUETTE® im Badezimmer

Ode to the Outdoors – The humble houseplant has fast become a must-have in our homes, and with them comes a natural, organic colour palette. Fresh greens and warm browns can give a refreshed look to a room, particularly after a long, cold winter.

Get bold with blue – The perfect colour to contrast pastels with, shades of blue can pop against other softer features in a room and yet not dominate the space completely. If you want to be bold and make it the main colour in a room then go for it, but if you’d rather a highlight colour, blue is a great.

Shimmery metallic – We saw the metallic trend emerge last year in paint and furnishings, and this year gold is taking charge. Warmer than silver, gold comes with a sense of elegance and decadence.

Tropical flavor – Punchy, vibrant bright colours with paired with gold are key to the tropical vibe. Tropical colours and prints can introduce feelings of warmth and relaxation to a space – incorporate striking, abstract patterns, vibrant pinks and blues into your styling, and you will create a tropical paradise.

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