The way something feels by touch can provoke a number of emotions – admit it, there’s no better feeling than snuggling up in a soft, fluffy blanket. But, the effect of texture isn’t restricted to touch. It also has a visual appeal.

The mood of any room is heavily influenced by the textures on display within it. The contrasting effect of different textures can bring another dimension to interior design. So how do you get more texture into your home?

1. Creating contrast with colour

If the idea of using multiple textures is a bit scary, let’s ease into it. Using contrasting colours is a great way to bring texture into room. Especially with pleated blinds, the pleat has already created a layer of texture, and by using colour you can add to the textural feeling. Using two blinds of different colours on the same window is also a really effective technique. 

2. Accent a bold colour with a colour pattern

Contrasting dark and light in your window dressings by using a light textural pattern with a darker, solid colour is another great way to introduce texture. 

3. Or, go all out!

If you’re excited by texture, take the leap and chose a distinct pattern that will be a bold statement piece for your room.

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