Put safety firstChildren are inquisitive so it is incredibly important that their room is safe. There have been some serious accidents reported concerning blinds. Children may accidentally get entangled or caught in the cords used to open and close blinds, this can lead to asphyxiation. The best way to keep your child safe from this risk is to integrate cordless designs into the room. Ultimately, kids and cords don’t mix that’s why Nordic Blinds honeycomb blinds are a great option. There are no external cords which makes them safe for children of all ages.

Bright, decorative and enhancing the overall theme
Kids adore pictures, cartoons, colours, and patterns. While you have kids why not have fun and pick a vibrant patterned blind. The blinds you pick for your child’s room can completely change the mood of their bedroom and having blinds with unique textures and colours is distinctive and can make your child’s room feel more special. Putting together a nursey or renovating your child’s bedroom is exciting! Once you’ve decided a theme or overall look don’t forget to utilise and design your blinds to create a more put together and polished look.

Multi-purpose = multi-benefit
No one likes being hot in summer and cold in winter. To ensure that your child is comfortable you should look into Nordic Blinds Honeycomb thermal range. This blind is twin-layered which provides you with insulation against the harsh Australian seasonal elements. The cellular construction of the Honeycomb blind creates air pockets which act to help keep your home cool in the summer and reduce heat loss in the winter. So the right blind can not only control the light but also to control temperature, save you money on your heating and cooling bills, block out noise and lead to a better night’s sleep. 

In terms of nurseries, blackout blinds are ideal for blocking out the harsh morning sun. Blinds that don’t block out the sun efficiently can lead to disruptive sleep and early rising.  Newborns usually wake up at the first sight of daylight so if you want to increase your chances of more sleep blackout blinds are a necessity. Furthermore, insulating a room correctly can also block out some of the noise from traffic and animals again leading to a better night’s sleep.

Blinds that will “grow” with your child
Blinds should be seen as an investment. So when you are deciding on blinds it’s wise to invest in quality and durable blinds. Also remember to pick a colour/pattern that your child will continue to love as they grow.  While it’s tempting to pick out baby pink and baby blue colours for a nursey, this can date rather quickly. Remember that classic colours can still be colourful! Think lilac, indigo or rainforest green these colours will be able to mature with your children.

Usefulness and useability is essential for children. Nordic Blinds tick all of the boxes; they can be fitted to any window size, offer complete privacy and light regulation and with more than 250 colours to choose from they can be designed to match any colour scheme for any child.     

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