What’s on trend, what’s not – things go in and out of fashion so fast, it’s near impossible to keep up! But don’t worry, we’re here to help. Here’s our quick summary on what interior design trends are emerging this year:

Natural colours are in

While it’s always good to be bold with colour choice; peachy, earthy tones are the new black. Warm, bright reds like terracotta and sienna are gaining popularity as we move further into 2018, taking over from the pastel palettes of last year. If you need help finding the right colour palette, take your inspiration from the Australian outback. Create warm feelings by bringing a sense of calm to your home through dusty blues, burnt oranges and dulled greens.

The Luxury Look

The mood of any room is heavily influenced by the textures on display within it. The contrasting effect of different textures can bring another dimension to interior design. But texture doesn’t have to mean just touch. The new approach is to feature texture through layering; mixing different fabrics, colours and patterns together adds a new feeling of luxury and vibrancy.

Move over geometric; make way for soft patterns

Geometric patterns had its time in 2017, but this year experts are seeing a move towards the softer, naturally flowing patterns. Patterns in general bring energy and contrast to a room, and when done well they can help to enhance the feeling of your home as a whole. No matter what you’re intention, patterns can add drama, give emphasis or bring dimension to a space.

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