You don’t have to paint your walls to bring colour into a space. When you hear white walls, you probably think of the walls being bare and boring but in fact they’re anything but!

White has been a leading design trend for some time now, for both its style and practicality. So many design styles embrace simplicity and white is the perfect choice as a base colour. But to enhance the power of white walls, it’s important to accent the room in the right ways.

Natural Light

It may sound silly but natural light is particularly effective in white rooms. If a white room has limited natural light or is dominated by florescent light, it won’t shine like it should. White walls also allow for bright colours to pop, so by allowing your windows to let in as much light as possible, they can also show off the beautiful colours and scenery from the outside.

The flexibility of ‘top down, bottom up’ blinds gives you the perfect balance between light control and privacy. With Cosiflor® pleated and honeycomb blinds; you can let in additional light and views from outside without compromising privacy, whether opened from top to bottom or bottom to top.

Complimenting white with neutrals

If the reason you like white walls is for its neutral look, why not continue that by using neutral colours throughout the room. Different tones of creams, tans and greys can help create a simple, calming space.

To be able to keep the minimalist style but still have a room with flair, different textures can take the place of bright colours. A great way to do this is by choosing window dressings with a stylish pattern or defined structure.

Colour that pops!

And for those who want to add a splash of colour against their white walls – go bold! Having a home that is dominated by white walls doesn’t mean you should be afraid of colour. And what better way to contrast against the white then by putting bright window dressings on your windows!

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