The colours you choose for window dressings can transform a space. Next to your white walls, you can lift any room in your house to its full potential by choosing colourful, bold colours and patterns that turn your windows into a feature.

  • Keep it soft – If you’re not looking to make a big contrast but still want a touch of colour, neutral tones are best. Browns especially. Brown is smooth and natural, and can add warmth to any room.
  • Be bold! – If the idea is to make a colour statement in your otherwise white-dominant room, pick a colour with a bit of ‘wow’ factor. Dark, bright colours are a great way of adding colour without being too dramatic especially in blinds. Cosiflor® blinds are made from the finest European fabric and are available in a range of colours.
  • Have fun with a bit of pattern – A great way to give a room a touch of vibrancy and texture is with a pattern. You can even make the background colour white like your wall colour, but go with a pattern in a darker colour to create contrast.

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