As with most design trends, window dressings designs go in and out of style over time. It can be hard to keep up with changing trends, especially when they change so quickly. So, to get you up to speed, here is our overview of the leading window dressing trends for 2018.

  • Bold Patterns – No too long ago, solid coloured window dressings in light neutrals were in high demand. Their simple yet versatile design made them perfect for any room, in any style, and considered timeless. But bold designs, geometric and abstract patterns and bright colours, are emerging as a leading trend this year. Not only do these bold designs add flair to a room, but they can give your home a touch of modern style.
  • Metallics – Gold, silver and bronze-coloured fabrics are making quite the statement this year in interior design. Popularity is growing for metallic-coloured window dressings to be paired with varying styles of home décor. 
  • Natural Elements – Window dressings that are highlighted by natural colours, patterns, shapes, fabrics have been in high demand for decades. If you are thinking about updating your traditional, heavy satin curtains for a more natural look, there is no better way than choosing from tones and shades that inspire a light and airy feel.
  • Unusual Neutrals – While some designers consider soft neutrals such as white and beige as timeless, these cooler shades are being replaced by darker, alternative neutrals such as charcoal and slate. Neutrals are becoming bolder, adding sophistication and contrast to homes that may be otherwise styled in simple, lighter tones.

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