There’s a long list of things to coordinate and organise during a renovation or new build but don’t think of your blinds as an afterthought. While your blinds may be the last thing that you install during your renovation, planning and visualising what you want your blinds to achieve early on is important.

Let’s start off with practicality and comfort. Well designed and energy efficient blinds will make your house more comfortable, energy efficient and in the long run save you money! Depending on the positioning of your home and the windows you will need to assess whether you’ll need block out blinds, which are useful in children’s rooms and noisy areas or light controlling blinds that allow you to adjust and control both light and privacy in rooms such as the bathroom or entrance hall.

You also need to think about privacy. Will your neighbors be able to peer through your back and side windows? How easy will passersby be able to see though your front windows? Privacy is what creates a sense of security and safety within your home and having high quality blinds can help you achieve this.

After all your hard work and coordination throughout the build period of course you want it to look exceptional. Ultimately picking cheap, poorly designed blinds can negatively affect the overall mood and all of the hard work that you put in to your new build or renovation.

Step 1 of design is to think about the fit out. If your renovation or new build incorporates some uniquely designed windows you’ll need blinds that fit these shapes. This is where custom blinds are essential. Whether you have the European style uPVC tilt and turn windows, aluminium sliding/casement windows, timber windows, non-square windows, conservatory ceiling windows, or glass doors, Cosiflor® blinds will have a shade solution.

Step 2 is colour. Colour scheme plays an integral role in accomplishing the overall theme and design of your home. Cosiflor® blinds are made with the finest European fabrics and are available in a large range of colours and designs. Whether you want a statement colour or a seamless transition of colours from brick to blind, speak to about a free measure and quote and allow us to find the perfect colour for you.

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