Finding the right bathroom window dressings can be tricky. For some people the bathroom is the room we start and finish our days with – getting ready in the mornings, doing our hair or makeup, adding the finishing touches before we go out, or taking warm, relaxing bath after a hard day at work – and so the right window dressings need to allow light into the room, but won’t lack privacy or comfort. 

  1. Letting the outside in, but only when you want to

We all spend a lot of time in the bathroom, and at all times of the day! Showering; shaving; bathing; doing hair and makeup – all important parts of everyday life. One of the biggest issues we have with bathrooms is the lack of natural light. But access to the outside can also mean a view in, and allowing for natural light shouldn’t mean a lack of privacy.

Our Cosiflor® blinds allow you control over the level of transparency in your window dressings through your choice of colour and fabric. Their flexibility also allows you to open them top to bottom or bottom to top, letting you choose the amount of natural light that comes through. This also means you can easily manage the level of privacy so you feel secure and comfortable in your bathroom.

  1. Toning down the brightness

For those of us who aren’t morning people and would prefer the full power of the sun to not blind us in the morning, your bathroom windows need dressings that will let you direct the light and control the amount that comes into the room.

Through your choice of fabric, Cosiflor® blinds can help you to filter the amount of light entering the room at all times of the day.

  1. Temperature control

Keeping your bathroom’s temperature at a comfortable level is essential to creating a relaxing environment. The Cosiflor® Honeycomb thermal blind is a twin-layered blind that can help insulate your home against harsh seasonal elements. The cellular construction of the blind creates air pockets which function superbly to help keep your home cool in the summer and reduce heat loss in the winter.

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