The start of spring always brings with it feelings of optimism and a refreshing change after a dreary, cold winter. While a good spring cleaning doesn’t hurt, another great way to freshen up your home is by throwing open your windows and inviting the sunshine inside.

The best way to do this, is by getting those old, outdated curtains out of the way and introduce some new window dressings that will not only refresh your home for the new season, but also serve you well in the warmer (and then cooler) months to come.

No matter your intention – whether to improve light and visibility, or to update your styling – here are 6 simple ways to reinvigorate your home this spring with your new window dressings:

Keep it light and sheer

Thick heavy dressings are great during the winter for keeping cosy, but when there’s more daylight hours and less of a chill in the air, it’s time for something lighter.

The flexible design of Cosiflor® pleated blinds makes them the perfect window dressing for your spring makeover. Made with the finest European fabrics, they are available in a large range of colours and designs and through your choice of fabric you can control the amount of light that enters a room and the level of transparency and privacy the blinds will provide.

When you’re thinking about the level of transparency and the colour or shade that you want consider the purpose of the room, how much natural daylight it receives and the tone of the décor overall.

Take inspiration from nature

Nothing says spring better than a floral print. In the last couple of years, florals have become bigger and bolder in interior design. It’s the perfect design choices for those homeowners who prefer simplicity but still want to add a touch of spring energy to their homes. Florals in particular are perfect for adding a soft, feminine touch to an otherwise hard space.

If large, bold florals are a bit intimidating, you can still embrace a little ‘floral flair’ by using delicate floral patterns or soft outlines.

Metallic accents

If you’re looking to introduce a touch of luxury and sophistication to your home, think gold. Gold particularly works well in a room furnished with soft pastel colours like blush pink, and shades of white and grey. It’s easy to compliment your embellished window dressings with touches of gold throughout the rest of the room and home, with gold accessories and other furnishings.

Colour is your friend

There’s nothing better than a splash of colour to help your home feel fresh. Often when we think of colour choices, we think of wall paint, furniture or accent pieces. But window dressings can be updated easily when you fancy a change, while also being a good place to introduce an accent colour without overwhelming a room.

Accent colours like red, blue and purple give brightness to a room that may otherwise be considered dull. You don’t need a lot of these colours to create an impact, making them the perfect colour palettes for window dressings.

For those who prefer the versatility of neutrals, think about opting for a sophisticated dusky pastel. Soft blues, pale pinks and minty greens with an undertone of grey are a subtle way to update a room.

Compliment your furnishings

If the décor in your room is bold and bright, you need to think how your window dressings can add to the room without taking the edge off or clashing with the rest of it. This doesn’t mean you have to opt for neutral, plain dressings, though. You can choose a main colour from your existing scheme, and go bold and brave by adding a window dressing to match.  

Consider the climate, both now and down the track

Cellular blinds have become the quiet achiever among window dressings and are now consider one of the top blind options for energy efficiency. As spring is upon us cellular shades like our Cosiflor® honeycomb blinds have become much more popular as we all start thinking about how to keep our homes cool during the warmer months.

Cosiflor® blinds are constructed using a fabric that is cellular or honeycomb in shape providing superior insulation properties. This unique shape traps air helping to create a more constant indoor temperature, keeping you cool in summer and warm in the winter.

If you are looking for a stylish, high quality, energy efficient blind to brighten your house this spring, get in touch with us today and book your free measure and quote.

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