Colours have the power to create certain states of mind. They give us energy; make us feel happy, warm, safe, and calm.

Colours can be described in palettes, schemes, and temperatures. If you’re struggling with a colour choice and want to keep it simple, why not take inspiration from nature.

  • Cool as the Ocean – The colour blue is a great colour for rooms that get hit by a lot of sun and heat. Blues give a cool and refreshing look, which creates a feeling of relaxation and calm. 
  • Pretty in Pink – Pink has the ability to create a fresh and floral atmosphere in a room. In interior design, using shades of pink is considered soothing and comfortable.
  • Warmth from the Earth – Brown is a colour that feels natural and consoling. It is a dominant colour in nature. As the colour of earth, it can be welcoming and gives a sense of warmth to a room. 

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