Want to make a fashion statement in your home, but not sure how to do it? Window dressings are the perfect way to get creative and be as bold as you want – particularly with colour. But with so many palettes and shades available, how do you choose the right colour for your home?

Keep it consistent

When it comes to choosing colours for your window dressings, the sky’s the limit! You can use a colour that contrasts or a shade in the same palette as the rest of the room, the one thing to remember is consistency. Sticking to a palate of about 3 colours is always best, whether you’re choosing dressings for one room or the whole house.

Subtlety is your friend

If you’re hoping to create a soothing, relaxed atmosphere in your home, choose your colours and patterns in light shades. By choosing colours that compliment and highlight each other, you can create a balanced feeling throughout your home. That doesn’t mean you should be afraid of darker, more striking colours. There is nothing wrong with adding in statement colour or texture; just don’t overdo it by having too much.

Creating space

There’s nothing wrong with making a room feel bigger than it actually is! A really easy way to do that is through your window dressings and the right colour choice. Light colours, such as white and cream, soften a room and tend to make a room feel bigger. Horizontal stripes add width, while vertical stripes can make wall height look higher. Consider the effect you want to create in your room before choosing your window dressing palette.

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