Blinds can be decorative, functional or both. Whether you’re looking for window dressings that provide more privacy, or better light control, or that can be tailored to suit any window shape; don’t be afraid to dress them up with a touch of decoration.

When it comes to blinds and the choice of colours, textures, patterns – you can be as bold as you want. Patterns in particular are a great way to make a statement without overwhelming or dominating a space.

A simple pattern like soft shapes or wavy lines can give a fresh, modern feel to a space; or if you’re looking to give a room in your house a touch of elegance, there are classic prints such as florals, geometric shapes and patterns with movement that can become a focal point or can be softened by choosing a fabric that controls the amount of light entering the room.

The flexibility of Cosiflor® blinds’ design offers a solution to any window configuration or design vision – whatever the shape, size, colour or pattern you desire.

If you are looking for a stylish, personalised, high quality blind to accessorise your house with, contact us for a free measure and quote.

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