Nature never fails to produce something new and interesting. If you’re struggling with style choices and want to keep it simple, why not take your inspiration from nature?

  • Let it shine – Sunshine yellow is considered one of the most positive colours. Associated with the sun, blue skies and good weather, yellow brings warmth and comfort into a room.
  • Leafy green – Green is a vibrant, healthy, nurturing colour; and one of the most widely found colours in the world. Think bright green in the spring time like the colour of fresh green grass, or a vibrant deep green like the colour of spring gardens and moss.
  • Get floral (in colour and pattern!) – If you’re feeling inspired by florals and would like to make it a feature of your room, consider using a bright floral colour such as rose red or perhaps a subtle pattern in soft floral colours such as violet or bluebell blue.

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