In a room that is a central to the home as the kitchen is, packed with appliances, hard surfaces and solid cabinets, window dressings tend to be the main source of softness and a touch of decoration for that space.

To ensure that your kitchen succeeds in both functionality and style, here are four things you’ll want to consider when choosing your window dressings:

1.       Fashion – Every room in your home should have a touch of “pretty” about it. Consider choosing a fabric that offers a big dose of colour or striking pattern. Cosiflor® blinds are made with the finest European fabrics and are available in a variety of colours and patterns.

2.       Filter – Direct, harsh sunlight not only raises the temperature inside your home but can also fade wood, dull cabinet finishes and wash out fabric. Look for window dressings that provides a high amount of sun shade. Cosiflor®’s honeycomb thermal is a twin-layered blind, that helps insulate your home against harsh seasonal elements.

3.       Flexibility – Kitchen windows come in all shapes and sizes, and open and close in many ways. Your choice of window dressings must suit how your windows operate as well as their placement in your kitchen. No matter the shape, size or opening of your windows, Cosiflor® will have a shade solution for your home.

4.       Function – Kitchens tend to act as the centre of the home; where we cook, eat and entertain. Taking full advantage of your view to the outside while also being able to ensure privacy when you need and want it is possible with your choice of window dressings. Masters of light and shade, our Cosiflor® pleated blinds allow you to control the amount of light and level of transparency through your choice of fabric.

If you’d like to find out more about our honeycomb and pleated blinds, and how they could be suitable for your kitchen, contact us today to book your free measure and quote. 

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