So you’ve decided to go with blinds for your new window dressings, perfect! That wasn’t hard was it? Well, wait for it. Now comes the colour choice.

With so many options available for colour, fabric and texture; how do you choose the best style for your home?

Blend them in – Consider your wall and window trim colours. Assuming you have an existing or chosen paint colour to work with, if you’d like your window dressings to simply blend in with what is around them, then use your wall or trim colours as inspiration. By coordinating your blinds with your wall colour, the blinds will stand out much less.

Stand out –
If you’d like your windows to become the focal point of your room, choose a colour based on other accents in the room. Perhaps a throw pillow or a piece of furniture to help make it pop. A pattern is also a great way to link to other colours in a room without matching too much.

Change them up
– When choosing your colour, it’s also worthwhile considering how often you plan on replacing your dressings. If you change them every few years, feel free to be bold and go for a statement colour or pattern. When you feel the need, you can change them to suit the latest trends.

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