Blinds for windows at any angle

Angled windows have become the perfect way to modernise any home and are gaining popularity due to the number of design benefits they offer – acting as a unique feature in a home, giving more access to natural light, making a space feel more open and giving you access to views you wouldn’t think possible.

Perhaps the one reason for being hesitant to use angled windows is managing privacy and light control, while also trying to keep your home protected from the elements. This is where we can help!




Dressing your windows with patterned blinds

Blinds can be decorative, functional or both. Whether you’re looking for window dressings that provide more privacy, or better light control, or that can be tailored to suit any window shape; don’t be afraid to dress them up with a touch of decoration.

When it comes to blinds and the choice of colours, textures, patterns – you can be as bold as you want. Patterns in particular are a great way to make a statement without overwhelming or dominating a space. 



3 Spring window treatments that will make you smile

After a long cold Canberra winter, we’re getting to that point where we can see the signs of spring around us. The wattles are starting to flower and the bulbs are coming out in the garden.

Here are 3 spring window suggestions that will brighten your house and chase the winter blues away.



Green with envy! That’s what will happen when your neighbours see these blinds

Manufactured in Germany to the highest standards, these beautiful blinds are perfect for the harsh Australian climate. 





4 stunning photos to inspire your child's room

Children spend a lot of time in their bedrooms - sleeping, playing or studying. The space should therefore not only reflect their personalities, but also grow with them. Here are 4 beautiful children’s spaces to inspire you. 





Colour psychology - bright and beautiful to reflect your mood

Did you know there’s a field of Psychology called ‘Design Psychology’? It uses interior design to improve the way people feel. People find certain colours and textures more pleasant than others and being in a place that makes us feel good is good for our mental health.




A tip for dealing with those little windows in hallways, landings and entrances

Very often you are faced with a design challenge in the form of long and narrow windows in those areas where the eye is naturally drawn – a focal point at the end of hallway; a landing on a staircase; or even right at the front door. 




Spring colour fashion for your windows!

While good quality blinds are more than just fashion for your windows; there’s no harm in combining energy efficiency with a great look!





3 ways to dress your kitchen in style

They say the kitchen is the heart of the home. We tend to spend a lot of time in our kitchen; cooking, eating, entertaining, so
why not take the time to look for the right accessories. 

Whether you want more privacy, want light control or just want to compliment the space, your window blinds can be both stylish and practical.




Spring is here - why not invite it in!

Winter is over; Spring is here so why not welcome it in style! After a cold and frosty winter (one of the joys of living in Canberra!), you might find that it’s time to transform your home and you need a little inspiration.

Take a look outside and be inspired by the new season; incorporate pastel colours, florals and interesting patterns.




Are your windows in shape?

Windows in a home do more than let natural light and air in – if you asked an architect, I’m sure they’d tell you that a window
has the ability to transform a space and change the entire feel or a room or hallway. 



3 shades of pink to brighten your home this Spring

Do you know what the 10 top colours for Spring 2017 are?

Did you even know there were 10 top colours for Spring 2017?

Among the top 10 for this year, there are 3 distinct shades of pink – Pale Dogwood, Hazelnut and Pink Yarrow.




How to turn your everyday bathroon into a retreat

There’s nothing better than slipping into a deep, warm bath (bubbles optional!) after a hard day at work. Taking the time to pamper yourself, reflect or even let your mind wander from the cares of a busy day at the office.

This is easy to do with just a few simple tricks to give your bathroom the feeling of a relaxing retreat.